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In planning for our next year’s gathering, we are interested in hearing from you to learn a bit about you and your congregation so we can have you in mind as we shape the second Rural Routes event.

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Rural Routes through the Holy – June 26 to 28, 2019

Artist Adam Young

From June 26th – 28th, 2019, hopes were realized for a gathering of those touched by or touching rural ministry within Regions 14 (Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters) and 15. This was thanks to an Embracing the Spirit Grant through EDGE, the hard work of those in the Bayfield-Little Shemogue Pastoral Charge with which I am in ministry, and the wise, respectful, and lively leadership of Dr. Marvin Anderson. We learned a lot and laughed a lot. We took risks, among them wringing out the heaviness of our hearts in a ritual of lament. Some spoke who said they’d never be able to speak, and some became still in those profound moments when it might have felt easier to keep talking.

Individually, in the early morning or in pauses between meals and conversations, we visited the still space upstairs in the sanctuary where various prayer stations waited for us. We worshiped and told stories; we were filled with good food; we listened to Maritime music, and some of us danced- which seemed the natural expression of the energy released by our coming together. This is an energy present in so many rural places, an energy and a wisdom which for so long has been de-valued that it is often unrecognized even by those who themselves live in rural places and worship in rural churches.

In these two days together, we began to excavate and affirm and celebrate, to recognize, replenish, and rejoice in the way those on rural routes move through the Holy and the way the holy moves through us….

Read more about our time together at the Rural Routes through the Holy gathering (pdf)

Event Links

Here where you can read about our speaker, Dr. Marvin Anderson – Speaker’s Bio

Here’s where you can read a description of what’s planned for our time together – Description

Itinerary – We’ve used the word Itinerary because this is our plan for a journey; a few days when we’ll travel together. Like any journey this will grow memories and stories. There will be surprises (perhaps a pop-up hymn sing) and there’ll be time to pause and ponder the landscape (stations in a quiet place for a variety of prayer practices, moments of stillness, time for informal conversation or to browse the booths or book display.) Presentations will allow lots of space in and around them for all these things.

We’ve prepared a list of Accommodations close by to assist you in finding a place to stay. Please contact us if these places fill up.  Early registration will give you the best choice.

This event is supported by an Innovations Grant through the EDGE Network of the United Church of Canada. Because of this we are grateful to be able to keep the registration cost minimal.


$30 or $50 for two from the same pastoral charge

Cheque payable to First United Church


Donna Allen, Registrar
1345 Route 955
Murray Corner, NB   E4M 3H6

Register using the form below. Send your payment by mail to the address above.

Registration is now closed.

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