Lent Five: Hearts Looking


This week we gathered around the story of Zacchaeus, another story of heart and seeing. We reflected on a Zacchaeus sermon Seeing Saints which you can find in an earlier blog post.  And we drew close to the Compassionate One as we reminded ourselves of that gospel we often forget, that we are not alone in our looking.  Rather, as Francis of Assisi tells us,

The one you are looking for is the one who is looking.  

We gathered ourselves with these words

work your hands
in the warm clay of your heart

Feel its press on your lids

And under them, light.

Shape of it longing;
an ancient stream,
a new-fledged bird,
a star.

Pause to honour your fear:
sharp as moon’s crescent
the blade of grass
the tight press of lips.

Then climb –
into the rough-barked moment
the fragile limb of this life
the leafy tangle of days.

and breathless
the One who is looking for you.

Come ~

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