Sun shining on the ocean and shore.

I’m glad you’re here. I hope you’ll find words that are just for you.

You can choose from prayers, liturgy, reflective prose pieces, or sample all three. If you’re from a faith community exploring its way of governance, you can find lots of resources on the Governance Page. If you’re planning worship on a particular theme or imagining a ritual you can always contact me. I hope you won’t be shy to leave me a word or a message when you visit. I hope you fall into what comes with wonder.

I am ordained in the United Church of Canada serving faith communities that are small or in transition. My Doctor of Ministry explores the rich possibilities in our vulnerability, our permeability to others and the Other. I am a writer, a Godly Player, leader of contemplative prayer groups and retreats, novice chanter, digger in gardens, lover of silence and deep connection.