Rural Routes Through the Holy: Thrive Where You Are2022


We want you to know that we’re aware of the need to be respectful of the Covid virus and so proof of vaccination is required and we will be masking when indoors unless we’re eating or presenting. As those of you who’ve been to summer camp will know we’re gathering in a well-ventilated place. Doors and windows can be open and there’ll be lots of time to get out in the fresh air at this beautiful setting.

Thursday June 16th
10 – 10:30 Gathering, tea, coffee, muffins

10:30 Welcome

10:45 Opening worship

11:00 Tasters
     Signs of hope in Rural Ministry: Kendall Harrison
     Food forests, Greenhouses & more: Port Elgin Regional School
     Music in Rural Settings: Martin Dawson

12::30 Lunch

1:15 Theme Presentation (and Rural Café) Restor(y)ing Rural Places

2:30 Break (time for a snack, a walk, or to explore the quiet space for prayer practices)

3:00 Tasters
     Feed My Sheep: Kim Grant
     Quilts of Valour: Kerry Howarth
     Spiritual Memoir: Janice MacLean

5:30 Dinner

Informal conversation, time to walk the labyrinth or the beach, prayer room, resource table, colouring project

6:30  The Spirituality of Wood-working      Simon de Voil

7:00 Evening Prayer (10 minutes to close our day together)


Friday, June 17th
9:30 Gathering, tea, coffee, muffins

10:00 Morning Prayer

10:15 Theme Presentation (and Rural Café) Restory(y)ing Rural Faces

12:15  Lunch

1:15 Theme Presentation (and Rural Café) Restor(y)ing Rural Faces

2:30 Snack time

3:45 Tasters
     Coffee in the Church Woods: Martha Ritchie
     Healing Pathway: Karen MacLeod-WIlkie and Deborah Walsh
     Following a Dream:  Karen MacLeod-WIlkie (a mini-taster)

5:30 Supper

6:30 Kitchen Party (we’re getting an early start so those who have a bit of a drive to the place they’ll lay their head will still be able to enjoy some music.
Weather permitting we may have an outdoor ritual to end the evening.


Saturday, June 18th
9:30 Gathering, tea, coffee, muffins

9:45  Morning Prayer

10:00   One last taster
             Table Church & more:  Catherine Smith

10:45    Theme Presentation (and Rural Café) Restor(y)ing Rural Spaces

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Closing Worship 

Good-byes until next time ~