A Prayer for Our Return to School

Holy One,

May our school year begin with compassion for where we are,
and glad to see one another.

May we begin with a thirst
to learn ——
students from teachers
and teachers from students.

May we be okay with surprises.
May we hold our fears in Love.

May we know that “behind” (as the dolorous statistics tell us we are)
is its own construct
and that we can choose another
which is “here”.

May we be tenders of “here”
and all that will grow from it.
May we be advocates of the learning that comes in this instant
when frenetic urges to catch up are quieted
and we are simply face to face.

May we be inspired
by what the last years, bleached of oh so much
have revealed to us.
May this teach us, here, now, what is of greatest price.

May we be supple,
May we forgive ourselves
May we laugh together.      Amen.

About Catherine Smith

A retired minister with the United Church of Canada I’ve grown up in church, been ordained and served communities that are small or in transition. I’ve seen firsthand just how powerful these experiences can be in helping to foster meaningful connections with others and the Other, the mystery that holds us all. My greatest hope is that my writing and this website will help you live well in the big questions that face all of us in this beautiful, aching world.

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