Early today as I watched the snow, I saw it so soft and full and beautiful I wanted to go outside and lie down in it; to watch it come toward me, to feel the flakes light on me; to see beauty from underneath. 

As the afternoon went on it finally seemed the only thing to do was that.  I went outside to make a moment large by lying down under it.  And I was graced by snow in that large moment.  Graced by the touch of it  and the play of it and the joy of the moment that grew as large, and as peaceful, as wondrous as blown glass, or a child’s breath-taking bubble.

I was graced by the beauty seen from underneath.

I did many things today but that was the moment most extraordinary.  And so I write my name in red; the colour of joy in this quiet day.

And I invite you to the grace of some large moment that awaits you.