“Everything is waiting for you” David Whyte

Have you ever had a day like a long winter when you had no idea where the weight of things fallen could be plowed?  Perhaps you’ve had a week like that, or a year or who knows how long you’ve been carrying something you thought would never be lifted.  Perhaps you’ve been carrying an illness, or a decision, or a sorrow, or an anger.  

And then there was this,  a tiny yellow opening, from a bulb you never knew had been planted.  But there it was.  Here it is.  Perhaps nothing really seemed to change but this; a fragile joy opened itself to you and you were were struck with reverence.

Sometimes a large hope is hard to hold.  But this is a small thing. Long after it’s petaled evidence is gone, you may still find room for it in your heart. This is our practice; waiting to be surprised, holding the small moments, believing.