Accommodations 2023

Camp Abeqweit (Camp Abby) is only a 13 minute drive from the Gateway Village, where you arrive when you exit the Confederation Bridge in PEI.

We’ve listed a few accommodations here.  You can also contact the Borden-Carlton Visitor Information Centre for a fuller list of accommodations. You can email them at or phone (800)463-4734

Please book a place to stay as soon as possible. 

 We can’t stress this enough. Island accommodations are filling up quickly. Better to book and cancel than to find yourself having to drive a long distance because there’s nothing left in the area.

 A number of the accommodations below have two bedroom or three bedroom, options for those travelling together and willing to share.

Tryon  (about a 6 minute drive from Camp Abby)

Hampton Haven Cottages  902-628-6354 OR 902-330-2919   joe@hamptonhaven.caCape Traverse (10 minute drive from Camp Abby)

Shoreline Cottages  902-432-4846

Cape Traverse (10 minute drive from Camp Abby)

Shoreline Cottages  902-432-4846

Victoria by the Sea (about a 12 minute drive from Camp Abby)

The Orient Hotel 1-800-565-6743  Guest rooms and suites with water view and private baths.  Breakfast included.

Victoria Cottages  Phone 902-626-5060  A variety of one-two and three bedroom cottages.  Kitchen facilities.

Hampton (about a 13 minute drive)

Blue Spruces Cottages  902-388-5133

Bonshaw (about a 20 minute drive from Camp Abby)

A Distant Shore:

Camp Abby   A few cabins are available as part of our camp rental.  These include only bunk beds and mattresses.  Shared shower and washroom facilities are available near the cabins.  Email

We haven’t provided any Air B&B or VRBO suggestions, but you could do a search for any in the locations listed in bold above.