Advent Pause: Hope

It’s Advent and perhaps you are not even ready to get ready for the mystery of Christmas. But perhaps you are longing. Perhaps you can find a candle or two to help you. Really, you are all that is necessary. You and your intention to pause, to be present, with intention, for Love.

So wherever you are in these Advent days, find a moment to take a deep breath and let yourself become empty for Love.

Here are words to help.

Breathing in, I pause . . .
Breathing out, I am still . . .

Even in the face of trouble
I give this moment to Hope

I pray hope into the world
In the name of the Coming One

If you light a candle, using a candle snuffer (you can use a measuring spoon) after your prayer to slowly extinguish the flame and watch the smoke spreading out is a way to gently watch your prayer move into the rest of the day.

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Join me on the journey. Rest, Reflect, Replenish

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