Blessing the Backpacks (with bubbles)


(The worship leader could say the words of the following prayer alone or it could become an echo prayer with the children and any who bring backpacks repeating the line after the leader.)  

Loving God,
You are with us in every place
At home
At school
On vacation
In places that feel wonderful and places that feel scary
You are always with us
When we crawl into bed at night
And when we have meals
When we play
And when we work
You are there,

You are the Light
And even when we can’t see you
It doesn’t mean you aren’t there.
We are glad that you go with us.
We give thanks to you.

Sometimes we need help to remember all the love
That goes with us, the love of all the people that care for us
And the love of God.
Sometimes we need cues or clues to help us remember.

We are in the beginning of school year
And we have something to carry our things in.

Backpacks will be our cue to remember the love that goes with us.
This remembering is so important
That we will have a special blessing today
Of our backpacks.

They go with us to school each day
And sometimes other places too.
And they come home with us.
Every time we look at them we can remember.
God is with us.

Sometimes we bless with words.
Sometimes with our hands
And sometimes with water.
Today we will bless the backpacks with bubbles.

Bubbles are a bit like the light that changes but never goes away.
Even when we can’t see it we know it’s there.

Let’s get our backpacks and sit with them now.
I’m going to say a blessing and then
we’re going to pass around some bubbles
When they come to you just blow some bubbles over your back pack
and I’ll say some remembering words.

Blessing Words
Bless these backpacks
They go many places
May they help us work and dream and play
May they help us to remember
That you God are with us everywhere
Loving us no matter what.

Remembering Words
Today we bless these backpacks
That remind us of You.

(Pass the bowl of bubble fluid to each child when it’s their time. The children can say their name before they blow their bubbles if any names are unfamiliar)

The worship leader then says:    (name)  remember your blessing.

(originally published August 2016)

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  1. djgoltry on August 4, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    Very nice backpack blessing. I would like to use it at my two churches, crediting you for authorship.

    • Catherine Smith on August 4, 2017 at 7:41 pm

      I had a lovely time with the children for whom I originally wrote this and so I’m glad it continues to be shared. Thank you for being in touch. Please offer a link back to my blog with my name.

  2. Janice A. Hawley on August 8, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    Really like the creativity of this Blessing! Thanks for sharing it in a timely way!

    • Catherine Smith on August 8, 2016 at 5:11 pm

      Thank you Janice. I hope it invites what is “just for you” and for those you share it with.

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