Epiphany Invocation


Epiphany Invocation
O shimmering
O dayspring
O light on the snow

O sweep of stars
O brightness of tears
O  word of fire

O shining hope
O gentle comfort
O radiance of the ordinary moment

O God
O sun on the field of my heart
Draw near

Sun on fence and tall grass

About Catherine Smith

A retired minister with the United Church of Canada I’ve grown up in church, been ordained and served communities that are small or in transition. I’ve seen firsthand just how powerful these experiences can be in helping to foster meaningful connections with others and the Other, the mystery that holds us all. My greatest hope is that my writing and this website will help you live well in the big questions that face all of us in this beautiful, aching world.

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  1. eliana on January 19, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    O Yes!

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