As lobster season opens this week in our region we are called again to blessing. In our congregation we invoke blessing on those who fish, on the fishing, and the waters that offer up their bounty. Today we recall words that weave a net of blessing and cast it over those who will fish this season and over those who love them.

Opening Blessing
O God of the deep, green water
the lifting, luminescent curls,
the silence of sands pressed by the depths.

O Pull of the heart in the great, groaning wind,
O Presence in the play of the breeze.

O Life –
in the boats that go out
and the ones that dock,
day after day following us up the hills of our lives
and into the valleys,
over every swell and threshold,
til we are home,
til we are home.

O God of the deep, green water
Bless us here
and as we go on,
day in, day out,
over every swell and threshold
til we are home.

Closing Blessing
Holy One,
into the opening days of the lobster season
we cast our blessing.

On all who fish
we cast our hope this day.
For a good catch,
a fair price,
for the satisfaction of a full day’s work
for safe passage in and out,
for love and strength in families that wait and welcome.

Into times that may challenge we cast blessing,
through times that are tough and those that are gentle,
toward hearts touched by death or danger.

Carried by water* through which you have blessed and taught us to bless
we offer our blessing,
for those who will fish these days.

  • During our worship each person present came forward to pour water into a large bowl while silently offering their own prayer for those who fish. After the worship I carried the bowl down to the shore and poured it into the ocean.