Living Water of Our Lives

Last week I spent some time at Tatamagouche, “the place where two rivers meet”.  It was a time washed in beauty.  The sunlit leaves coloured the text of the day like vibrant illuminated letters.  Even my battered little camera outdid itself. 
It was after the rain though that I took the picture I want to share with you this week.  The picture didn’t turn out the way I hoped it would, a small vivid red leaf, holding a teaspoonful of water.  I hesitated before offering this particular picture but in the end it was the one that caught my questions.  
It was this small blurred image.  In the water, unnoticed as I took the picture, was a reflection.  What this tiny leaf held reflected something much larger, a tree, the sky, an unimagined outcome.
This week we share many emotions, many questions.  What do we hold within us and what do we reflect?  What is caught in the living water of our lives, yours and mine, at the place where rivers meet;  rivers of peace and violence, hope and despair, fear and love.  What do we reflect?

Join me on the journey. Rest, Reflect, Replenish

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