Simeon and Anna: Life-Rubbed Glory

It’s evening as I write.  All day I’ve been accompanied by two evening figures.  They shine these two, not with the untried brightness of the morning, but with the heart-breaking beauty of late day light. In the Christian Church, we’ve observed Candlemas and the Feast of the Presentation.  The infant Christ is brought to the temple.  It is Simeon and Anna, the two who welcome this child and his parents I always look forward to honouring on this day,

Simeon and Anna, beautiful in the way of the late-day light.  It seems these two are easy to come close to, especially as we age but also in younger years. Like Mary, we draw close to their wisdom.  They give us hope through the life-rubbed glory of their their clear-sightedness, their relinquishment, and their joy.

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A retired minister with the United Church of Canada I’ve grown up in church, been ordained and served communities that are small or in transition. I’ve seen firsthand just how powerful these experiences can be in helping to foster meaningful connections with others and the Other, the mystery that holds us all. My greatest hope is that my writing and this website will help you live well in the big questions that face all of us in this beautiful, aching world.

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