Stars and The Breathing Land


Last week I gathered with a group who had come together from many places to imagine landscapes old and new. We did that by recalling our ancestors, those who had inspired us, but also those who had knotted the rope of our past, those who had wounded us or gone astray. We opened to the variety and richness of those who had come before us, searching out the lessons they might pass to us. We listened together for where the Holy might be calling us.

As we gathered, I told this story of Abraham.

A Different Kind of Landscape

In this story, the unfamiliar over which, and toward which, Abraham journeys is described by physical landscape. But we may journey just as far over inner terrain, encouraged by holy promises of off-springing thoughts and generative imaginings, numerous and bright as stars.

This journey toward our deepest life in God is also fraught with obstacles, arrival at the promise, scarcely credible. But there are moments when the warm breath of the Holy is felt, when we know our selves infused with Living Presence. in these places, we build an altar of our pause and our attention.

The sensation of our pausing presses warm and deep into our heart. We journey trustingly within the promise of the inner life.

The story is not a Godly Play story but I am grateful to Godly Play for the way of asking “wondering” questions.

Image by Greg Rokozy – Unsplash

Join me on the journey. Rest, Reflect, Replenish


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