You Tend Our Greening Dreams


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You Tend our Greening Dreams:   Narrative Lectionary for September 25th 

All through the text for this Sunday there are dreams: dreamed and interpreted, furtive and full.  There is the hate-provoking dream of the young, insufferable Joseph.  There he rises, like a straight, sovereign sheaf of wheat and around him the brothers nod and bow.  This is just one; there will be many more dreams, soundless between the layers of the text.

There are the dreams in Egypt and their interpretations and there is the final image I have of a dream matured; Joseph like a strong stalk feeding his brothers as they bow to the meal;  Joseph not sovereign but host.

Do not interpretations belong to God?,  an older Joseph asks a fearful dreamer.  Genesis 40:8b

Here comes that dreamer. (Genesis 37:19b)  What I’m pondering is how do we engage our dreamers and our dreams?  Do we imprison them or let them instruct us?  Do we befriend them even when they repel us?   And daily, do we set them free into the expansive dream of the Holy One?

O Seed
O Sower
O Sun on the Sheaf

O Vivid Unseen
O Substance of Silence
O Taste of Hope

O Holy One

You tend our greening dreams,
stirring them into the world
for Bread.


Join me on the journey. Rest, Reflect, Replenish

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